Why conduct voice training in a professional setting?*

  • Our voice serves as our main communication tool and conveys our emotions, stress, as well as our charisma. How can we manage overwhelming emotions in order to express what we want to say? How can we use stress as a positive force to express our desire to progress? How can improving our voice allow us to better express our personal and professional qualities?
  • Voice training involves the body, the mind, and the ear: in addition to reducing stress and fatigue, it also helps improve our concentration and our ability to listen to others and ourselves. This in turn ensures that others listen to us, understand us, and above all, hear us.
  • Vocal confidence: being yourself, being true to yourself, being comfortable in your skin, so that you can assume your rightful place in the world.
*Introduction to the seminar on the importance of vocal work in professional settings, organized by the group Femmes 3000 in Touraine