Songs of the First World War

Saturday, November 15, 2014 at MORIERES (84),

Espace culturel Folard, Informations to the Cultural Service of the municipality of Morière (Tel: 04 90 83 24 20)

Sunday, November 16, 2014 in Chateauneuf de Gadagne (84)

Room the Arbousière 15 pm (Price 15 €) Reservations at: 06 30 63 63 54

Sunday, November 30, 2014 in Sault (84)

Show about songs of the war 14-18

LA GUERRE EN CHANSONS par sergebriez

Show on the 14-18 war with singers of the choir and the choir GADAGNE PALUDS OF Noves led by José ARRUE.
Patrick Licasale on accordion and piano José ARRUE.

The evening closed the period devoted to the First World War. In the first part, Maggy Villette, associated with Patrick Licasale (accordion) and Jose Arrue (piano) will be interested in the book related to this tragic episode in the history of mankind with, among others, the famous "song Craonne. "The second part will be accompanied by a heart of men gathered and directed by José Arrué in rare or missing partitions for some.

LA GUERRE EN CHANSONS : La Chanson de Craonne par sergebriez informations : If this show interests you, you can order upwind services octobusproduction